Can Everyone Just Please Stop Freaking Out!

We all live in grand scenes of choices. From one act to the next, from one set of decisions to another. Some of these are not ours by nature, and we are often left with the residual affects of others’ failures and success. But for the most part, these series of choices are ours to bear the burden, navigate with excellence and claim responsibility.  I recently experienced a season of life where I was vacillating between emotional extremes.  Continue reading Can Everyone Just Please Stop Freaking Out!

I Shall Not Want

It was my birthday in March.

I had been going through a really hard time. But it wasn’t the kind of thing that all pointed to one event that happened or sickness I was dealing with, nothing like that.

It was heartache, hurt. I had lost my bearings. I felt like I had really let some people down. They had also let me down a bit. Things I thought were a certain way, were not that way. And it was painful. I couldn’t really talk about it. I felt alone, misunderstood. A lot of my weakness was exposed. And to top it all off, I had just experienced one of the most stressful years of my life.  Continue reading I Shall Not Want

A Confidence Gained

I was sitting on the floor of my bedroom, completely frustrated and defeated. I was trying so hard to do what I believed to be right but seemed to be failing in every regard. My relationships were difficult and seemed to be more drama than benefits. I wasn’t finding success at work and with my job also being my ministry, I felt the weight of failure weigh heavy on my shoulders. I couldn’t even balance my budget! With Bible open and journal furiously scribbled upon, I had come to an impasse. “God, I don’t know what to do. I really need to hear from you. Please.” What I heard next changed my life. Continue reading A Confidence Gained

Finding My Joy

A little over eight years ago I was invited to join the Sandals Church staff. It was an act of surrendering one way of life for another. I was asked to pioneer the concepts of spiritual formation and soul care, planting seeds and nurturing them into the into the patchwork of our church landscape. Not really sure how to go about this, I simply began meeting with people and practicing the craft of listening, attending and intercessory prayer. I wasn’t picky with my appointments. I figured if they wanted to meet with me, then I would make time to listen to them while simultaneously listening to God on their behalf. The goal was for us to discover God’s invitation to them in their season of life, so that they might be able to surrender to be more in step with Christ.

Quickly the word got out, and before I knew it my calendar was filled with one-on-one conversations with people desperate for a word from the Holy Spirit. I was drowning in the demand, finding it most difficult to keep up with the pressing needs of the people, as well as the other requirements that came with being a pastor.  Continue reading Finding My Joy