This is a story about the vastness of God. The impact of these words means one thing to me, but I want them to mean something else to you. Join me as I guide you through a sensory experience.

My hope is that you would relate the stanzas of this poem and supplemented sounds to discover something new about the process of how God works in your life.

Bated breath and wilted quiver,

waning spark with grafted shiver.


Glazing gaze, punch-thumping tremor,

mild moment held forever.


Knuckled grip on reckless Tangent,

fetter bound, now running rampant.


Hinged heel, gasp from gutter,

Split fat lip, with vocal stutter.


Straining flex with rotten muscle,

Extending reach and violent scuffle.


Soaking soul, fresh marinated,

dormant coal, now activated.


Dead but deadly, triumphant stain,

Channel dug, but ground regained.


Pillar raised with ammo loaded,

story held and hinge corroded.


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