Ambush of the innocent
Shot at without fear
The noise of evil pierces
Yet know that God is near

Encouraged in their evil
Hiding all their snares
Tongues like swords are sharpened
In Him protection is declared

A perfect plan of injustice
Cunning hearts and minds of man
An evil plan encouraged
But God holds out his hand

Enemies will not prevail
God will strike them down
Shot with truth and arrows
Our Almighty wears the crown

Their deeds will come against them
Their instruments of doom
Heads by faith will shake in scorn
While witnessing their ruin

Proclaiming God is mighty
The faithful rise in awe and fear
Take refuge in the strength of Him
In great numbers stand and cheer

The heart of the upright praise him
Worshiping our God alone
Righteous rejoice in favor
Our King is on the throne

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