Building A Real Marriage

Watching my parents growing up, it seemed that marriage was pretty simple. They loved each other no matter what and stayed together with never a word of divorce. My wife Becca experienced the same thing. Consistency and seemingly relative ease. As we began dating, we heard many people refer to their marriages in terms like “the old ball and chain, the old lady”, and other degrading terms that were just jokes but seemed to accurately encapsulate the reality of their marriage. We were determined to be different and since we were both Christians, we figured we would soar.  Continue reading Building A Real Marriage

The Other Side of Grace

When I get real with myself, the thought of how much grace I need is overwhelming. Every careless thought, word, and action screams against me. It’s difficult to believe that God can forgive the harsh words I’ve said to my wife and kids, the evil thoughts I’ve had, and the selfish tendencies that plague me. It’s hard to receive grace for things like yelling at your wife on vacation in Hawaii or getting angry with your sweet adopted boys because they didn’t obey quickly enough. It’s the things in which I should “know better” that hurt the most. How could I be so selfish/stupid/mean/heartless? There is so much that I do sinfully that I need God’s grace for…

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