Can Everyone Just Please Stop Freaking Out!

We all live in grand scenes of choices. From one act to the next, from one set of decisions to another. Some of these are not ours by nature, and we are often left with the residual affects of others’ failures and success. But for the most part, these series of choices are ours to bear the burden, navigate with excellence and claim responsibility.  I recently experienced a season of life where I was vacillating between emotional extremes.  Continue reading Can Everyone Just Please Stop Freaking Out!

So Good It Isn’t

Has your heart ever ached? I’m not just talking about feelings of sadness. I’m talking about that indescribable throb of a barely beating heart as your mind races to try and grab hold to any semblance of clarity. And your body? It’s stuck, waist deep in a sloshy, frozen mud pit with no leverage to pull yourself out, completely paralyzed to act on any of it, numb to feeling anything else. For many of us, that emotional state is not a foreign concept. Yet, it is one that we often pretend doesn’t exist. When I try to summarize it into one word, I follow the trail down to the very bottom of what I am feeling, finding myself at the bitter end of disappointment.  

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