The Power Of A Praying Parent

At first glance it’s easy to see that the bible has been well used. The corners of the brown leather cover appear old and worn, exposing the cardboard underneath. Many of the pages are crumpled or torn and others are starting to curl at the edges.  The binding is almost completely separated from the cover, held together by a homemade patch job that appears to be the work of someone adept at using a hot glue gun. Open the pages and you’re immediately drawn to the handwritten notes on every page, complete with dates and often accompanied by prayers that reflect a personal intimacy with God we all long for but rarely experience. 

If you continue to flip through the pages you’ll discover a picture tucked away among these passionate prayers and priceless wisdom. It too is worn, not from age but rather from being held close, like a prized possession that it’s owner refuses to put down. Through the smudged fingerprints you’ll see the picture of a skinny teenager, dressed in khaki pants and a navy blazer, smiling awkwardly and trying to pretend he’s cool. But it’s only when you turn the picture over that the real treasure is revealed. On the back of the picture written in blue ink is a prayer. And although the ink has begun to fade the prayer still echoes as clear and true as it did when it was first written. “Take his life and let it be, consecrated Lord to thee.” The bible is my grandma’s, the picture is mine, and the words are the prayer she has fervently and faithfully brought before God on my behalf every day for the last 18 years.  Continue reading The Power Of A Praying Parent