Undivided Devotion

“Hey Merea. Since Pastor Matt is talking about singleness this weekend, would you share your thoughts on singleness with the blog readers?”

Welp. Sure. I don’t love being the spokesperson for the single life. Can I be a spokesperson for something else? Ha.

Friends. Let’s be real right off the bat here. That’s our vision right? Hope that’s okay.

If I could have, I would have gotten married at 23. But the right man didn’t come along at that point. And I’ve dated some guys, some real great ones, some real not so great ones, made lots of mistakes along the way. Even in my 30s now, I find myself still making efforts to do the right thing, still making mistakes, still need God and His grace like crazy.  Continue reading Undivided Devotion

I Shall Not Want

It was my birthday in March.

I had been going through a really hard time. But it wasn’t the kind of thing that all pointed to one event that happened or sickness I was dealing with, nothing like that.

It was heartache, hurt. I had lost my bearings. I felt like I had really let some people down. They had also let me down a bit. Things I thought were a certain way, were not that way. And it was painful. I couldn’t really talk about it. I felt alone, misunderstood. A lot of my weakness was exposed. And to top it all off, I had just experienced one of the most stressful years of my life.  Continue reading I Shall Not Want

Cage the Elephant

I heard a story once about an elephant in a circus. It was a cruel circus, one where the elephant was chained up every night, taught a certain routine and performed it in exchange for a prize. At the end of every show, the elephant would bow then be locked up again for the toil of another day. The elephant strived and tried to earn favor, making a tireless effort to please the various ringmasters who continued asking for and exploiting every applause and piece of silver from the audience. Continually paying pretentious compliments to the elephant in front of others, the ringmaster quickly cast the creature aside after each show.

Continue reading Cage the Elephant